Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Cristin solely communicating through social media?

A: No, she has a laptop and iphone that allow her to text message, video chat, and email in addition to using social media.

Q: Do you think it’s cheating if Cristin communicates with people through the glass?

A: No, the glass windows are representative of a computer screen. Any interactions Cristin has through the windows are short, sometimes fragmented, and she often has a hard time understanding what they are saying. This is analogous to how many people communicate online.

Q: Are you renting that storefront?

A: The “storefront” is actually an art gallery run by Cityscope which showcases a month long installation by artists in the bSIDE6 building.  We do not pay rent, we were selected by Cityscope to install and perform this art work.

Q: How does she get groceries?

A: She orders them online once a week. When the delivery comes, she hides in the bathroom while they are brought in. She is text messaged when it is safe for her to come out. This way she never has a face-to-face interaction.

Q: Can I interview you?

A:  At this point in the project, besides getting more exposure than we ever expected, we’ve become overwhelmed with electronic messages of all types.  Because of this we’ve decided to pretty much stop giving interviews.  Feel free to ask . . . especially if you work for the Daily Show.

Q: Does Cristin find it difficult to sleep?

A: Yes, at first she found it difficult to sleep. It took her a little while to adjust to people watching her 24/7. It’s also a lot brighter in the gallery at night then she is used to so she had to adjust to that as well.

Q: What does she miss the most?

A: Hugs and fresh air.

Q: How disconnected does she feel?

A: At first, she didn’t feel that disconnected at all. She felt as though she was able to communicate with the outside world pretty well. Video chatting and people stopping by in person helped a lot at the start, but now when she communicates through the glass or on Skype, she is just reminded of what she is not able to do.

Q: Does she exercise?

A: Yes, she has an elliptical machine and she does yoga. She tries to do one or the other everyday.

Q:  Are Cristin and Josh dating?

A:  No, we’re not.  We met through work (photography) a few years ago and have been (just) friends since.

Q: What’s the weirdest thing that has happen while you have been in there?

A: People pounding on the windows late at night is the only bothersome thing that has happened. The only thing that she witnessed that was out of the ordinary, she describes on Day 23 of the blog.

Q: Is Cristin working while she is in the gallery?

A: No, she is a freelancer and is in between jobs.

Q: Is Cristin getting bored?

A: No, she spends a lot of time on the computer (more then she would like), she reads, she is learning the guitar, and she has Netflix.

Q:  Why don’t you have a webcam?

A:  Please read the artists statements on the About page, you missed the point.

Q: What is she reading?

A: Currently, Franny and Zooey and The Miracle of Mindfulness. Although, she has yet to finish one book while in the gallery. She blames the computer for being a distraction.

Q:  When is the documentary coming out?  Where will it play?

A:  Good question . . . we’d don’t know.  The original concept for the installation did not involve a video documentary–that came about in the weeks just prior to the piece.  We’re glad filming has gone as well as it has–stay tuned to this website for further news on the video.