Day 6

Today is the first day that I felt like I am starting to freak out.  People where taking bets on how long this was going to take and I said 2 weeks.  Yikes, it’s only day 6.  I am finding that the lack of privacy and the crazy amount of attention that has been spotlighted on the project is causing me to have anxiety. I knew it was going to be hard especially since I am normally a fairly private person.  I don’t consider myself an especially extroverted person and I’m definitely not an exhibitionist.  Yes, this is what I signed up for, but I thought it wouldn’t affect me this much, this quickly.

I don’t have cabin fever and I am not bored.  I just find moments in the day where I want to hide under the covers or in the bathroom for a minute or two to catch my breath.  I thought disconnecting from the Internet for a little while would help.  So I tried to read and watch movies, but I found that I was still distracted by people walking by or talking pictures. If anything, video chatting and messaging with people has made me feel better and think less about being watched.

Because of this, no tweets and very few emails went out today. Now it’s late at night and I feel better, a lot better. Today was a roller coaster of emotion.  It was pretty rough for a little bit, but somehow now I am fine.  Hopefully, I won’t have any anxiety attacks tomorrow.  Let’s hope.

4 Responses to “Day 6”

  1. Luke Grange Says:

    Your doing really well …. Hang in there and try some meditation to take your mind off it all for a while.

  2. Cristin Says:

    Thanks, Luke. I will.

  3. Dorothy Santos Says:

    As Luke mentioned, meditation helps A LOT. Although challenging in your circumstances, everything around you (especially the noises), surprisingly, will bring you back to the present and, hopefully, feeling centered.

  4. robot piscine Says:

    Nice . . keep it up

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