Day 8

The first week is behind me and the word is getting out.  Now conversations are starting to get interesting.  Here are some highlights from today.

After speaking with a friend about ideas behind the project, she couldn’t stop thinking about it after we spoke so she emailed me with these questions:

Are we afraid that if we don’t have a web presence that we become socially irrelevant or does the amount of web presence we have makes us socially relevant?  If we didn’t have the web to communicate with people then how would we feel socially relevant?

Shortly after that conversation, I spoke to a different person that said she feels insecure about not being as in touch with the newest technology and doesn’t have the ability to use social networking as well as others.  I found it interesting that she followed this up with how she prefers in person contact, but it still bothers her that she’s lacking a skill that she feels is now becoming required.

People keep asking me about the rules.  So to clarify, Josh put these rules in place: I can’t leave the space for 30 days, I can’t have visitors inside the space, and I can’t cover all the windows at one time. I also touched on my rules in previous blogs, but as a couple visitors pointed out today mine are becoming more of a game of Mao. In addition to the rules I have already spoken about, I can tell you that I don’t think writing notes or trying to communicate through the glass is cheating. In fact, I think it adds to the project so keep it coming.

6 Responses to “Day 8”

  1. Cornelia Seigneur Says:

    Hi- I am intrigued and want to write a story about you. I blogged about what you are doing.

    Here is the link

  2. Cornelia Seigneur Says:

    I am looking at writing a piece about this for the newspaper. And, I just blogged about it. Here is the link-

  3. Phil Says:

    i really like these pictures. thankyou for posting. my face in the first one is very flattering

  4. Heather Grace Stewart Says:

    Hey Cristin–I am an author and poet, and one of my main themes is social networking and the very themes you’re exploring. I just “broke up” with Facebook last week. I signed this blog earlier but got an error message. Kinda find that ironic –check your email inbox!

    Best wishes

  5. Dorothy Santos Says:

    Are you able to receive snail mail?

  6. JJElliott Says:

    Josh says, “No snail mail!”

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