Day 25

Today is Thanksgiving so some family and a couple friends stopped by, but it was really cold so they didn’t stay long.  I video chatted with my dad and step-mom in California, my mom here in Portland, and a couple friends in other cities. At the end of the night a few friends surprised me by coming down with a laptop so we could Skype through the window, but again they didn’t stay long because it was cold.

I am thankful for many, many, things this year, but especially my family and friends who continue to amaze me with their love and support.  I am also very thankful for the ability to communicate with them so easily across the country.  This project was never intended to take away from the fact that these technologies do have positive benefits.

Because of these technological advances we feel closer to family overseas, people who have physical disabilities who are restricted to their homes feel less isolated, the hearing impaired are able to communicate more effectively, and there are many more examples we could add to the list.

Another thing to remember though is that those of us who have accessibility to these technologies are very privileged.  There are many that can’t afford these luxuries. We are lucky to have these problems of overuse to think about.

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    I was just wondering how you get food on Thanksgiving? Like, how do they get it inside the glass? ans what will you do when this is over?

  2. Cristin Says:

    When my food is delivered, I hide in the bathroom and they text message me when it is safe to come out. I am not sure of my plans when this is over, but I know I will need to unplug for a little while. Then I will finish my applications for grad school and then get back to work.

  3. Laura Flynn Says:

    Cristin: Happy post-Thanksgiving. You were the topic at our table on Thanksgiving day. Although we probably will never meet, I did bring your name and your project up to educate my nieces and nephews who are of the technology age to think outside of technology and look inward at how they would react to being isolated for 30 days just like you. There were mixed responses from them, but, cumulatively, they were all up for it. So, I think that you are on the cusp of discovering something huge. You are truly on the homestretch. Looking forward to day 29 and the feelings that are running through your head and veins. Keep writing and keep discovering. For now I remain one of your loyal readers… Good tidings!

  4. George Says:

    I am glad that you had company, of a sort, on Thanksgiving. Family and friends always make our lives so much more complete.

  5. Kevin Says:

    Hi Cristin 🙂 reading your blog reminds me how valuable in person communication can be although I wished the glass wasn’t there when I stopped by today to say hello … *hugs* to u

  6. brad Says:

    That’s true. People without access to the technology you’re using have to “settle” for person-to-person communication or none if separated. Your experience would be different if you were just on display, with no contact with the outside, other than what you can each see through the glass.

  7. Jaymie Says:

    Hey girl! Hope you had a better Thanksgiving than what you asked for. Just a couple more days until full-fledged freedom and a mad shot at publicity. Your guy friend in the beanie is cute.

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