Day 1

Wow, it’s really happening.  As of 12 am this morning, this is my new place of residence for the next 30 days.  I had a little anxiety about sleeping while being watched, but I slept like a baby last night. Even though two people banged on the windows trying to wake me so they could explain how they were going to rescue me. I’m excited to see how the next few weeks will go.

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  1. Matt Says:

    Hi Cristin,

    My name is Matt, I’m one of the folks working on the fifth floor of the building here. We’ve been talking about your project, and we have a question.

    How do you get food? Did you bring 30 days of supplies or is it being delivered? If it’s being delivered, can you open the door when they get there, or do they have to do a “blind drop?”

    This question applies to booze as well, because if you’re going to live in a room for 30 days, you definitely need some alcohol, right?

  2. Cristin Says:

    Hi Matt and the folks on the 5th floor,

    I can order groceries online and then I have a “blind drop” setup for delivery once a week. I get an email telling me it’s here and I then I go hide in the bathroom while they bring it in. They will also dispose of my garbage. I brought lots of booze, but I can order that online too. I most definitely would not be able to go 30 days without it.

  3. platitudinous « company of three, black peppermint tea Says:

    […] [art] Public Isolation Project: Blog The Public Isolation Project consists of two symbiotic and simultaneous art pieces–Joshua Jay Elliott’s An Examinable Life and Cristin Norine’s The Future of Socializing.  An analog analogy of the contemporary experience of living in the Internet age, Cristin Norine will spend one month living within the confines of the bSIDE6 Gallery—in total view from the gallery’s windows.  Her isolation will be alleviated solely by digital interactions with the outside world.  Viewers of the piece will reflect on their own expanded accessibility that technology has brought them. […]

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