Day 2

I woke up to another person pounding on the window this morning.  Jeez, I guess some people don’t like to let others sleep in.  There were lots of people coming by today.  One guy was perplexed by the idea that I really can’t come out or open the door to explain why I am doing this.  I tried to motion that he should facebook me…we’ll see if I make a new friend.

The number one question everyone asks is if I have a bathroom. I took a few pictures to show you that indeed I do. It has a makeshift shower, but it serves its purpose.

One of my other visitors was a friend.  He sent me a text that said, “This feels kinda fucked coming to see you, but staring at my phone the whole time.”  I replied, “ That’s kinda the point.”

Living in public is strange.  At home, I don’t get text message telling me that I should make my bed.  I usually do, but today I didn’t.  That will teach me.

I am kind of starting to feel like I live in a zoo, but I am okay with it for now.

3 Responses to “Day 2”

  1. Linda Says:

    I love that pic of your bed!

  2. (24) With only the use of social media for human contact « Lauren Easby Says:

    […] More pictures of her box are poster on her blog here. […]

  3. Sarah Belden Says:

    I must say you are courageous to live in the view of the PUBLIC. Just seeing the pics of people sitting there watching you makes me very nervous. I think this is a fantastic demonstration, however and shows the definate impact the “social” networks are having on our lives. I believe the networks can be beneficial (I found friends I hadn’t heard from in 15+ years and two came to my wedding!) but are someitmes taken too far, and people loose touch with reality, society, life. Way to go and keep it up! 🙂

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