Day 3

To clarify the types of ‘digital interactions’ I am using to communicate.  I am using social media, video chatting, and my iphone.  Although, I am not using the iphone as a cell phone – that is so 1973.  Instead, I am using it to text and FaceTime.

I think video chatting is what is going to keep me from going insane. I am looking at ichat as my version of Hal from 2001: a Space Odyssey.  I already see that I am communicating with some people more because of video chatting.  For example, my 13 year-old brother will actually talk to me for more then 3 minutes (that’s his current average when talking to me on the phone).  However, it could be because he really just likes to show me funny videos on YouTube.  For those of you who don’t know, you can share your computer screen with the person you are chatting with – a new discovery for me.  The thing I find most interesting when video chatting with my brother is that he won’t allow his face to be on camera because he knows the people on the street can see him.  When I asked him if he thinks people can see information about him on the Internet he said, “No, I have a really good firewall.”  I tried to explain to him that sites like Google and facebook sell his information.  I don’t think he got it, but the conversation was started.

The way in which different generations view the Internet regarding privacy and usage is very interesting to me.  The younger generations tend not to have much of a filter or sense of why privacy is important.  My generation sees the value in new technology, but wonders how healthy it is and then my parents’ generation has a very defensive way of thinking about it.  It makes me wonder how my children will view it.  That’s one of the many reasons I decided to do this project.

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  1. Molly Says:

    Hi Cristin!

    Are you working during this project? Do you have to communicate with coworkers via video chat or do remote work and submit it? Or are you primarily documenting the project itself? Are you getting bored during the day?

    We have lots of questions, but will try not to inundate you with too many right off the bat!

    -Molly and Matt and Jenny

  2. Cristin Says:

    Molly, Matt, & Jenny – Bring on the questions. I’ve got answers. I responded to these in my blog today.

  3. Drew Leung Says:

    You should watch “Moon” with Sam Rockwell. I think it’s available streaming via Netflix.


  4. Cristin Says:

    Drew – I’ve seen Moon. Good film. I really hope that’s not how this turns out.

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