Day 12

Okay today was another one of those days where I felt good and then bad and good and then bad.  It started at 5:30 this morning with a good, but nervous feeling.  I had my first live TV interview.  I called in on Skype.  I wasn’t able to see them, but they could see me.  This adds a level of awkwardness especially paired with the less then stellar audio connection. The interview started out a little rough, but I think I pulled it together.  Hopefully, the next one will be better and longer.  Actually, we just found out today that someone else will be doing a more in depth piece for CNN.  I am looking forward to that.  That one I will be doing with Josh. It’s weird to do all these interviews without him.  We are excited to be able to talk about the project as a whole instead of me just answering a couple of quick questions.

After the interview, I felt good and got a bunch of work done, but then this surge of emotion came over me for the next few hours.  I can’t explain it very well.  I just wanted to cry, but don’t have a reason why.  It’s strange when you are sad, but you don’t have a reason to be.  I only have things to be grateful for right now.

That wave of emotion passed as I had visitors on and offline throughout the day.  I had lunch with a new friend, I talked to a cousin via Skype who shared his beautiful Colorado countryside view complete with deer grazing, and then another cousin brought his son buy to say hi.  It’s hard not to smile when a little boy has his tiny hands up against the window and keeps saying, “I see you Cristin, I see you.”

Then the night started to unfold.  Weekends are the best because there are more people out and about.  My friends tend to stop by more frequently as well.  Even though I can’t communicate with them very well, it’s still comforting.   We joke that they should go home and video chat me because it’s a lot more effective then texting through a window. Although, I am finding neither is a replacement for the real thing.

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Cristin Norine and Joshua Jay Elliott