Day 13

Almost halfway there, funny it seems like a lot longer then 13 days.  I am now starting to really get a routine.  I have a new friend that stops by almost everyday to ask if I need to be “liberated.”  I have figured out that this was the same guy that pounded on the window the first night I was here.  Another regular is the old guy that taps his cane on my bedroom window every morning at 8:45 to tell me, “it’s time to get up and start your day.”  He does this whether or not I am still actually in bed.  I find it kind of endearing.

I have figured out what I miss the most. Because I am admittedly addicted to the Internet at this point and because I don’t want to spend my days sitting in the same chair all day, I really miss the ability to use my laptop anywhere.  You know say, while sitting on the couch or in bed.  I can’t do this currently because I am not supposed to use the computer unless it’s plugged into the projector.  For those that haven’t been here in person, the image of what is on my computer screen is projected on the gallery wall at all times. Luckily, a friend emailed me the perfect solution.  There is a new gadget that allows me to do this wirelessly.  Sometimes technology is awesome. It’s in the mail and I can’t wait for it to get here.

The longer I am in here, the more plugged in I become.  This makes me feel like an obsessed 17-year-old more and more each day.  Speaking of 17-year-olds that reminds me of a close family friend who did an experiment for a class project.  It was a challenge to see if the class could go 1 week without using their computers or cell phones.  He made it 4 days. He sited the fact that he had college applications due as his excuse for not making it the entire week.  Which could be valid, but still the idea that he can’t make it a whole week a little disturbing.

This sense of dependence is easily seen in adults as well.  There is something about being plugged in all the time. Another friend realized after getting to the airport for a flight that she left her cell phone at the person’s house where she was staying. She almost didn’t get on the flight because the idea of not being without it was unimaginable.  How would she tell her family she arrived at her destination and that she was ready to be picked up?

Which brings me to an interesting question. Why is it that we regulate our children’s use of electronics and the Internet, but we don’t regulate our own.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on that one.  I know the obvious issue will be that of work.  I get that.  In my job, if I am not reachable 24 hours a day while we are shooting then I don’t have a job, but why do we as a society think it’s okay to expect that of each other?

On a happy note, why today was a good day:

1.  Waking up to a sweet note from friend in the window

2.  Not totally making a fool of myself on national television

3.  A modern day mixed tape from a friend

4.  Red wine

5.  Saturday night visitors

4 Responses to “Day 13”

  1. ilikeyournewhaircut Says:

    Benzie Box +_+

  2. NoPreservatives Says:

    I can honestly say I’m addicted to Internet and technology. Getting my iPhone was the best thing that ever happened to me. My only problem is battery life. Lol. But for another $100 that’s easily remedied with a battery life extender.

    Idk if I could live without it. I went through withdraw a couple years back when I didn’t have Internet at home. I couldnt play games online or download Japanese anime freshly subbed less then a week after release in the land of the rising sun.

    Having my iPhone means I can take what I love about computers anywhere with me. The ability to play or stream music, movies, YouTube. Means I’m entertained no matter where I am. Being a walking archive of knowledge by using google to search for answers to any question. Never being lost or not being able to find something somewhere to do or see or eat at with google maps or urban spoon and yelp. And of course the social networks and filtered news that’s catered to my tastes and interests.

    My life is technology. I’m obsessed with integrating the virtual world and
    Meatspace world together. Neither seems real without the other. Is that wrong? Idk it’s just the life I’ve been living for over a year now…

  3. Cristin Says:

    It’s not wrong. It’s our currently reality. Just be conscience of it having a negative effect on your relationships. How often do friends ask you to put your iphone away while you are visiting with them face-to-face?

  4. Kitri McGuire Says:

    We were surprised and very happy to see that you enjoyed a bottle of Sokol Blosser Pinot Noir while in your confinement! Thank you for sharing that on your blog – we hope you enjoyed it.

    Congratulations on making it 30 days – I stopped by and saw your bSIDE6 place mid-month and was very impressed. We’d love to send you a congratulatory bottle of Pinot Noir to celebrate the end of a project well done. Just let us know where.

    All the best to you, and cheers!

    Kitri McGuire
    Marketing Communications Manager
    Sokol Blosser Winery
    kitri at sokolblosser dot com

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