Day 15

The audience experience – this is an area Josh and I haven’t spoken much of, but for me has become the most interesting part of the project.  Some would define an audience as a ‘group of spectators at a public event.’ However, in today’s digital world we no longer have to have this experience in a group or in public.  Today, you can order a movie online, walk out to your mailbox, watch it, and then send it back all without ever seeing another human being.

Josh wanted the audience to come in person to see me rather then steaming video online because he wanted people to be able to experience the project in a traditional, non-digital way.  He thinks we are getting away from this more and more and I agree. You can argue that the invention of the television changed this social behavior years ago, but it seems that today’s technologies are leading us away from this traditional social behavior more and more all the time.

Sure there are plenty of reasons why experiencing things as an audience in your own home is more desirable.  For example, you don’t have listen to that person in the back coughing incessantly throughout the movie and you don’t have to pay $20 for popcorn, but I hope that we don’t get too comfortable at home that we lose the desire to be a part of a ‘group of spectators at a public event.’

I have really enjoyed trying to communicate with people through the windows and I applaud those that have done so in creative ways.  Like the group that did a little synchronized dance and the wave for me while I was recording my video journal a few days ago – luckily I recorded it all.  Look for that in the documentary.

Josh and I see the windows as a representation of a computer screen.  The fact that I am communicating with people in an analog way doesn’t violate the concept of our project.  The Internet experience is very interactive and I think that the windows should allow the audience to be interactive.  Which is why I want to challenge you as the viewers to come up with creative ways to communicate with me during the next two weeks.

3 Responses to “Day 15”

  1. Kari Says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading about your experience! I only wish I was in a closer geographic distance to see first hand! I believe what you are doing is very thought-provoking and insightful and have sincerely enjoyed the discussions you are starting on a national level! I’m a Communications Major as well as a healthcare administrator. We recently switched to an automated system in which people receive their test results via email or their phone…even text message! It’s amazing what is constantly at our fingertips. Yet, are we taking away from true communication?

  2. Chad Says:

    I could teach you some basic American Sign Language so you can communicate through the glass if you’d like.

  3. Cristin Says:

    @Kari-It’s hard to believe that you even can get test results via text message. Wow.

    @Chad-I have looked up some sign language online. Thanks for the offer though.

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