Day 16

Went to bed before 9 PM.  I wasn’t feeling well and was too tired to write a blog.  I could really use some fresh air.

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  1. Soma Says:

    An idea for getting some fresh air without leaving your space: ask for a large bunch of tree branches. You can display them like a bunch of flowers and they will infuse the space with fresh air for a bit. Is that allowed? Just a thought. I hope you feel better.

  2. Shirin Says:

    we’re coming to see you!

  3. Cristin Says:


  4. Cristin Says:

    @ Soma – Thanks. Those are good recommendations. Because I was feeling worse this morning, Josh just came over and opened the door for 10 minutes while I hid in the bathroom. I think it helped a little. I do have some flowers and a plant in here with me, but I should probably have more. I think I will add that to my Friday delivery.

  5. Wm. A Says:

    Maybe reading this will help?

  6. Cristin Says:

    @ William – Yes, that helps too. I had already checked it out.

  7. Cliff Feightner Says:

    Do you think it might be isolation-related
    I find that missing Lynn causes a similar effect on me

  8. Cristin Says:

    @ Cliff – Could be. It’s hard to say.

  9. Ro Says:

    Forza Bambina !

  10. Cristin Says:

    @Ro-Gracias por el apoyo.

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